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President's Letter ~ July 1st

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July 1, 2016 Dear Members, When I last wrote to you on April 5, we were all looking forward to getting on the golf course. A difficult April delayed the opening but we are now enjoying what I believe to be the best conditioned course I have seen in my 33 years as a member. Summer is now officially here and while the hot dry weather has certainly been a challenge for Dean and his crew, it is so far so good. Now that we are into the hottest part of the season we will be trying to stay ahead with maintenance to ensure that we can keep the course in this outstanding shape. A big part of the success we have had to date is due to our Monday Morning Maintenance program. The closing the course until 11:00 am on non holiday Mondays allows our crews to complete numerous programs without dodging members. Your support in this initiative is appreciated. I caution everyone that our greens are still young and although they seem to be maturing well, we are reminded by the experts that new greens take five plus years to properly take hold. Even though they may be hard to find, please fix ball marks and spike marks when you see them. As well, you will notice that Dean has installed Exit signs the on the edge of the greens. We encourage all of you to please exit the green where indicated especially if using a push cart as we are trying to cut down on the wear and tear on the collars of our greens. The best example of this is the 8 th green. The exit sign is located in front of the right hand bunker but unfortunately we are still seeing golfers push their carts between the green and bunker and exit to the left of the steps. To this end, a gentle reminder to your playing partners to exit where indicated will go a long way. I have received some comments about the drainage lines on holes 3 and 16. A decision has been made to let the lines fill in naturally. Sodding or seeding of these lines would have choked off the natural flow of water. You will now notice the lines are starting to fill in nicely. If, however, your ball comes to rest on one of the lines it can be moved with no penalty. At the end of this season we are planning on a similar project down the left side of the 13 th fairway. Our Tree program is continuing and I am sure you have noticed the new trees planted between the 11 th and 12 th fairways and on the left side of the 7 th fairway amongst other locations. Our new software program installed by GG Golf is working very well. It has a number of features that we did not have in the old system. I am told that 84% of all scores are now being entered into the system. This represents a marked increase from the past. Those friendly reminders to enter our scores that we get after 72 hours is helping. We continue to work with GG Golf to further customize their software to better serve our members. On June the 16 th I had the pleasure of sitting down with 11 Past Presidents. The discussion was wide ranging and thoughtful as they came up with a number of suggestions that will be taken under advisement. I thank them for finding the time to meet.

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