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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 26, ISSUE 6 30 at guard when he played 53 snaps against Iowa and then started against Indiana with King injured last season. But teammates like Barron's potential — he's one of the team's strongest players — and a sol- id spring has them believing he can lead the front. The same can be said about Patterson at left tackle. He played largely in a rotation with Cermin at right tackle last season, though Patterson got starts in the final two games when Cermin had to switch to left tackle for an injured David Hedelin. Patterson quick- COORDINATOR'S CORNER After one season coaching Purdue's tight ends, Terry Malone was promoted to offensive coordinator for 2016. Gold and Black: How would you describe the of- fense? Malone: "I would certainly think that it's a very balanced offense, one that we're going to be able to threaten the de- fense with the run and the pass at all times. It's an offense that will attack the defense and not allow them to gang up on either part of our game because we'll have op- tions in the calls that we make and decisions for the guys to make that will give us an advantage. And it's certainly an offense that is going to stretch the field. We like making the defense back up. We like put- ting pressure on the back end of a defense, and it makes it hard for the defense to cheat." Gold and Black: What do you want its identity to be? Malone: "It certainly is an identity that's going to grow and will develop into an identity but in terms of what my foundation is all about it's an offense that is tough. It's an offense that's physical, and it's an offense that is disciplined. I re- ally am a strong believer that great offenses don't beat themselves and average offenses, no matter what the defense does to you, you have the ability to beat yourself every time you go out there. So mental mistakes, pre-snap mistakes, all those things that really put you in a bad situation, we want to eliminate. So I want to be tough, I want to be smart, and I want to be an offense that plays really fast." Gold and Black: Fast in terms of tempo? Malone: "Not just tempo because I think we will be able to play very fast in terms of tempo, but I think the best ways of using your tempo is by changing it up, not always being fast, not always being slow, but giving an unpredictability of what we do tempo-wise. I'm talking about fast in terms of when the ball gets snapped, we're all coming off at the same time. We're all playing full-speed because we know who to block and we know where to run and we know where to throw the ball. So there's no hesitation and (we're) getting guys playing at their top speed." — Stacy Clardie Tom Campbell Tom Campbell Fifth-year senior guard Jordan Roos' experience and his fiery personality could land him a captainship in the fall.

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