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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 26, ISSUE 6 41 First show is Sept. 2 Special guests, analysis and more 2 P.M. FRIDAYS Trent Johnson, Agent Gold and Black LIVE featuring the staff of Interactive live video-stream sports talk show — ask questions, chat with other fans! For schedule visit the college page on draft time, that this time next year we're going to see DeAn- gelo, money in his pockets, playing for an NFL team some- where. "It's because he's worked hard. He's had good people around him to help with that, but ultimately it's a decision he made himself. You see in him somebody climbing that rope who is getting ready to ring the bell at the top, and I think it's all going to pay off this year." Seemingly everyone associated with Purdue's program shares that feeling. They see how Yancey has worked. They see how his attitude has shifted. They see how he's trimmed that 40 time to around 4.5 from 4.8 coming off that sophomore year or hear how he's calling himself "pound for pound" the strongest he's ever been or see him lift more than he ever has. His goals over the summer? To out-bench Posey, generally heralded as the position group's strongest player, or out-power clean receiver Bilal Marshall. "It's been fun to watch him grow since he first got here," Posey said. "He's a totally different person now. He still was a good player back then but just immature, didn't know how to use his body and be physical. But he's totally different now. He understands that. I think he took a lot of things for granted back then, but now he understands what he needs to do if he wants to go play at the next level, which is good for him and good for the offense. He will be very important to our offense. "He's one of our faster, stronger guys. He needs to be able to stretch the field and win those one-on-one battles because we will isolate him and put him in those positions, so it'll be his job to go win those. We all expect a big season from him. Everyone does — the team does, the coaches do — so not to put any pressure on him, but we need him to have a big year and we expect a lot from him." The good thing about Yancey now, though? He doesn't just expect it from himself, but he can handle it now. That's not a subtle difference, Parker said. "He's the guy," Parker said. "It ain't like we're talking about expectation now. There's a full expectation that he puts on himself, we know what it is, for him to be a leader of the room. Go be a guy that is going to be a big-time factor in changing games for us. "Now, he's an empowered person. He's got confidence. He knows what he wants. He's going to work toward it. He's going to make mistakes still, but he's also not lacking confidence and he's not unsure of himself. He knows he's going to have a hell of a year. I know that. I believe that with all my heart." j

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