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A&E AUGUST 2016 • 39 Sublimation lays down droplets of UV ink, which are cured by UV lights quickly after they land on the surface of the media, leaving almost no time for the droplets to react or be absorbed by the media. This virtually eliminates any ink and media compatibility issue, making the UV ink compatible with a wide variety of coated and uncoated media. UV ink absolutely never dries in the print head. UV ink does not contain solvent that must evaporate during the curing phase. UV ink is liquid ink and does not evaporate, instead, it quickly becomes a solid ink within 0.02 seconds after it receives exposure to strong UV-light." SIMILARITIES/DIFFERENCES TO SUBLIMATION UV-LED is similar to sublimation in the fact that it is a digital printing inkjet technology. Graphics are designed in a similar fashion as sublimation without many color limitations, and color matching is handled in much the same fashion as sublimation. One big difference between UV-LED and sublimation is that once the image is printed and immediately cured with the UV-LED light, the product is fin- ished. There is no need for a heat press to apply the image to the final product as in the sublimation process. Another big difference is that when you create an image for sublimation, you are thinking about the design in a single layer process. UV-LED images are designed with a multi-layer thought process. What do we mean by this? UV-LED printers generally have a CMYK four color ink set, along with white ink and clear ink. The CMYK ink set allows you to create the digital color images. Print ads Interactive Digital Version Products & Deals eNewsletter Distribution Sponsorships Subscription Sponsorships Advertising Design Editorial Opportunities Press Releases Marketing Support Inserts Polybag Ride-Alongs (outserts) Customer List Cleanup Trade Shows Surveys Market Research List Rental Direct Mail – Full Service Promotional Pieces Printing Reprints Regional Advertising Resource Industry Supplier guide 800-669-0424 Contact a sales representative today! Your Full Service Marketing Partner Dan Peckham Publisher Toll Free: 800-669-0424 x218 Local: 303-469-0424 x218 e-mail: Shanna Rowley Advertising Executive Toll Free: 800-669-0424 x252 Local: 303-469-0424 x252 e-mail: Anna Barba Advertising Executive Toll Free: 800-669-0424 x238 Local: 303-469-0424 x238 e-mail: Rebecca Corona Sales Support Toll Free: 800-669-0424 x234 Local: 303-469-0424 x234 e-mail:

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