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game-changing news from the Ford Motor Company. It was at the 1969 Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado's Rocky Mountains when he got the word that Ford was getting out of the racing business…again. Nevertheless, Ford continued to be loyal to Bill Stroppe as a friend and business associate. The relationship allowed Stroppe to present a variety of ideas to which Ford would lend its ear. Although the traditional kinds of racing Ford and Stroppe had been involved with were scrapped, Stroppe still ran Ford's West Coast media-fleet operations, the Pantera program, African Safari Mercurys and the 67' Stock Car program for Parnelli Jones. Ford had great respect for Stroppe's abilities to run a professional operation, keeping the Ford media fleet ready for journalists to test drive new Ford cars and trucks. Stroppe had built his business by treating people right, and doing the right thing by his primary client, Ford Motor Company. THE START OF RACING OFF-ROAD Even though Ford formerly pulled out of big-time racing in 1966, Ford never really got out of racing entirely, and neither did Bill Stroppe. A STROPPE AND PARNELLI JONES DROVE THEIR MODIFIED BRONCO AT THE 1970 BAJA 1000. 039 SCORE JOURNAL

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