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TECHNICAL UPDATE 31 the Groundsman August 2016 Visit for more information and digital editions he events following the UK Referendum have certainly been numerous and have kept the media busy. In both the run up to the vote, and indeed immediately after it, there were varying statements of optimism and doom and gloom. Indeed the campaign itself certainly did not come out of it all with a very good image. However as I write, we now have a new Prime Minister and the task can begin in implementing the decision made at the ballot box. I have always been someone who sees challenges as opportunities. Yes, change naturally creates uncertainties and there will be real and signifi cant impacts on business in many ways. However, it T Opportunity knocks Could Brexit provide an opportunity for the sector to infl uence new approaches and seek new solutions to existing weed, pest and disease control? By: Professor John Moverley is important that, whatever our views on Brexit, we now accept the position and adapt and manage accordingly. The Impact of Brexit Over recent weeks, many have sought clarifi cation on how Brexit might impact upon the area of weed, pest and disease control. The fact is that, certainly in terms of regulation and control, nothing changes and is very unlikely to do so at least until the UK negotiates its exit from the EU. The UK has adopted the Sustainable Use Directive in its National Action Plan. In that context, in the immediate term, it is business as usual. The UK has been a leader in promoting and adopting best practice and the Amenity Forum, acting on behalf of the sector, is ready to actively engage with UK government in the period ahead as our exit is achieved. Over the coming months, we will seek to keep all involved informed of developments and this will be very much an area of debate and discussion at our national conference being held on 13 October. Change does provide real opportunity for the sector to infl uence new approaches and to be fully engaged in seeking out solutions to existing problems. Weed, pest and disease control is both important and essential. It ensures our trains keep running, our parks and pavements are safe, our sports fi elds are fi t for purpose, our transport networks remain operational, our environment is sustainable and so much more. A key campaign this year led by the Amenity Forum is focused on this and seeking to increase awareness of the public and all involved. We should be proud of what we do at whatever level. We have just had Wimbledon fortnight, another major sporting success. Important and Essential On 13 October, at the Pirelli Stadium at Burton on Trent, the Amenity Forum will be holding its annual conference. The theme this year is 'Important and Essential' and this will be the core theme running through all the presentations. This event provides a great opportunity for keynote speakers to address topical issues, for networking and discussion and for the sector to demonstrate real commitment to best practice and just what an important range of work it undertakes. This year, given the changed circumstances, the Forum is urging as many people as possible to attend. For further information visit The prices are kept as low as possible. Weed, pest and disease control ensures our environment is sustainable

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