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August '16

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26 • August 2016 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE selected to match the application—and most products are dimmable with the use of the proper power supply. This wide section of options means that the right module is available to match the needs of almost any application. Compact and Versatile Their compact size, as narrow as 0.31" wide, means they can deliver light that creates a focal point while never directing the focus to the lights themselves. They may draw attention to the bar, highlight a pathway or guide customers to the right products in a shelf. When integrated into the architecture, they can highlight the façade, create decorative light lines or provide indirect cove lighting. The size of the flexible modules enables them to be integrated into very compact locations. As an example, the underside of handrails are a popular application. Handrails come in elegant curves, in straight lines or with fantastic angles. Depending on their function and architectural style, stairways and hand- rails can open up a multitude of creative lighting designs. Once integrated, flex- ible LED modules smoothly follow the shape of a handrail, creating homoge- neous bands of shadow free light that add a sophisticated look to any stairway. In outdoor applications the light can increase the illumination level of defined areas on the stairways and become an integral and elegant orientation and way- finding feature. When installing handrail lighting solutions, for example, the LED modules can be situated and angled in such a way that the required luminance is available at every section of the rail with- out creating glare for passersby. When it is planned ahead to integrate these flex- OSRAM LINEARlight Flex mod- ules in a warm color temperature create decorative and functional cove lighting throughout this restaurant. LINEARlight Flex modules from OSRAM are available in a variety of color temperatures and light outputs as well as RGB Colormix configurations. The silicone encapsulated Protect ver- sions are IP67 rated for worry free outdoor installations. All of the products operate on con- stant voltage 24V drivers and can be field cut at designated points for a customized fit in each application.

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