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August '16

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28 • August 2016 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE as simple as lines of light to emphasize architectural structures and highlight a building's overall appearance or as bold as color changing modules that bring a building to life. Integrating the flexible modules into specific locations of the face of a build- ing is simplified because there is no need to install the modules into lighting fix- tures—typical installations use just an accessory mounting track. Highlighting targeted features or structures of the building eliminates the need to flood the entire face of the building with high wattage traditional lighting. The result is a unique and professional lighting design with significant energy savings. More Application Possibilities Other applications for these versatile, flexible modules include retail spaces where products can be effectively high- lighted with targeted cabinet and shelf lighting. In these same spaces the use of RGB modules can be used to enhance the shopping experience while strengthen- ing the company's brand. Offices can add unique and outstanding character to their front lobbies and find options for orien- tation lighting in corridors or general illumination in conference rooms. Hotel and hospitality businesses can add their corporate colors to the exterior highlights of their building, illuminate corridors and conference rooms, create the right atmo- sphere in ballrooms, provide soft indirect cove lighting in the guest rooms or simply shape a lasting colorful guest experience in restaurant and bar areas. These linear modules are flexible not only because they consist of a bendable circuit board, but because they can be easily cut to fit each unique installation. Adding to this flexibility are the acces- sories that are available to simplify the installation process. Typical accessories include mounting tracks, diffusing lenses, solder-less input power and board-to- board connectors (modules can be eas- ily connected to both the power supply and to each other without the need for soldering or tools) and end-caps to seal the ends of outdoor modules. Many systems operate on Class 2 OSRAM LINEARlight Flex Colormix modules with diffusing lenses create a floating ceiling in this theater.

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