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OP Family Readiness - May 2020

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BEFORE YOU START… THE OP FAMILY READINESS BINDER If you choose to use this binder to its full potential, please think about where you keep it, who you show it to, and who you talk about it with. When completed fully, this binder will contain a lot, if not all, of your personal information. If the information in this binder was accessed by the wrong person, you may not only be compromising your own security, but also that of your deployed member and the success of the operation. To ensure that you do all that you can to keep this information secure, think about doing the following: • Keep the binder in a secure location. • Do not advertise that you have the binder; the information should be to help you with deployment. If you know of someone who could use the binder, please refer them to the PMFRC. Ex.: Say ``You know, the PMFRC has some great tools that have helped me through this deployment`` Not `` You know, the PMFRC gave me this binder where I keep all of our legal/financial information`` • You may want one or two close friends or relatives to know about the binder and where you keep it, for emergency purposes. Make sure that they also understand the implications of sharing too much information to others. • Be wary of what you post online. Information can travel quickly on the internet, and in multiple different directions. You may think that only a certain group of people are seeing the information you post, however, that can certainly change. • Respect others who may be in the same situation – you don`t need to know where your friend or neighbor keeps their binder, unless they want you to. • If you are simply too excited about the binder: ``I heard that the PMFRC has a new Family Readiness Binder… what a great idea! `` NOT ``I love my new Family Readiness Binder… I keep it right by my front door and use it all the time`` If you have any questions or concerns, or want to direct someone to having their own binder, our contact information is: The Family Centre 613-687-7587 x. 3257 12 Reichwald Cr., 613-687-7587 x. 3225 Petawawa, ON Sincerely, The Deployment Services Team

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