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EMERGENCY CHILD CARE FAQS 1. HOW DO I ACCESS THE SERVICE? This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us to arrange Emergency Child Care service. Regular Hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Emergency Child Care Services (613) 687-1641 ext. 2230 After hours On-Call Duty Padre (613) 687-5511 ext. 5611 2. WHERE DOES THE EMERGENCY CHILD CARE TAKE PLACE? Emergency Child Care is provided in the Emergency Child Care Provider's home. 3. IF I ALREADY HAVE RELIABLE CHILD CARE IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, CAN I HAVE THE PMFRC PAY FOR IT? No. In order for you to receive funding for Emergency Child Care Services, families must use a child care provider or agency that has been hired by the PMFRC. 4. WHY SHOULD I HAVE AN EMERGENCY CHILD CARE PLAN? An emergency child care plan can ease the stress on both you and your child during a time of emergency. 5. WHO DO YOU HIRE TO PROVIDE CHILD CARE DURING EMERGENCIES, AND HOW DO I KNOW MY CHILDREN WILL BE SAFE? We hire only experienced Child Care Providers who are fully screened. Emergency Child Care Providers must meet minimum requirements set out by Emergency Child Care Services guidelines. The screening process includes: • a criminal record check • a family and children's services check • a visit from a representative of the fire department • proof of First Aid and CPR training • proof of child abuse awareness training • monthly spot checks 6. WHAT IS REQUIRED OF CANADIAN FORCES MEMBERS IN TERMS OF PLANNING FOR EMERGENCY FAMILY CARE? As required by the Department of National Defence, all Canadian Forces members must complete the Family Care Plan (FCP) form DND 2267. The PMFRC's Emergency Child Care Plan is available to enhance the FCP.

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