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predictability of their day to day gives them some comfort. A consistent bedtime for the children will allow for some grown up relaxing time. COMMUNICATION AND ONE AND ONE Talking about the deployed parent and talking to the deployed parent whenever possible maintains connection. Seeing their face on Facetime and having a visual confirmation that they are indeed safe can do wonders. Checking in with the children individually is something important to do on a daily basis. It is important to ensure that you give each child individual quality time to really see how they are doing and have the opportunity to make memories. When a parent is deployed children may miss out on individualized attention and maintaining this will create stability for them and provide opportunities for them to open up about their feelings and what is going on in their lives. DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR EMOTIONAL HEALTH Maintaining your emotional health is integral because our children learn their coping skills from us. What they see, they will emulate. Focusing on what is true (not the what if's spiral) and finding a healthy outlet for stress is important to teach children. Seeking help when you need it does not make you crazy- it makes you human. Military life counselors, chaplains, or a licensed family therapist are tools at your disposal, we have all been there. It is important to set yourself and your children up with the tools to for coping when facing a deployment.

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