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2 2017 Media Kit • MEET THE TEAM Why choose Stationery Trends? 1. Editorial Leadership. Stationery Trends is the most sought-after resource for forecasting trends in the stationery industry — and beyond. Its high-quality editorial is delivered in a design-focused, trend-forward format that provides endless inspiration and addresses relevant topics, ensuring retailers' success. 2. Lead Generation. Leads delivered to your inbox weekly will demonstrate the immediate impact of Stationery Trends advertising. More than 43,000 leads have been delivered to advertisers in the past 12 months alone. 3. Broad Distribution. Stationery Trends is distributed at 18 markets annually, significantly expanding your market reach beyond our 27,000 dedicated subscribers. 4. Targeted Placement. Our team works hard to strategically position your advertisement where it will be most impactful — within special sections or editorial content most relevant to your product category. 5. Custom Marketing Success. Our Custom Marketing Team has a proven track record of expanding audience reach and increasing engagement through unique and innovative solutions that capture the attention of your target audience. AUDIENCE Stationery/Card Shops Specialty Gift Shops Resort/Hospital/Airport Gift Shops Drugstore/Supermarket/Mass Merchants Party/Bridal/Craft/Floral Shops Museum/Aquarium/Zoo Gift Shops SOCIAL MEDIA Brian Virgona Integrated Marketing Consultant P 616.350.8360 Sarah Schwartz Editor-in-Chief P 216.464.0709 Sam Ujvary Assistant Editor P 616.520.2167 Stacey Wells Multimedia Designer P 616.520.2170 Kimberly Baker COO & Publisher P 616.520.2135 F 616.887.2666 Matt McCallum CEO P 616.520.2133 F 616.887.2666 Table of Contents Editorial Calendar 3 Print Advertising 4 Lead Generation 5 Digital Advertising 6 Unique Opportunities 7 Custom Marketing Services 8

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