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Notes is musical takes place in the ocean. ere are tiger sharks that want to be friends with everyone. e other sea creatures think they're crazy. But they meet a bunch of friends who also have their quirks; a seven legged octopus, an angel fish, some clown fish—one isn't even funny, a needle fish, a star fish who can't get a role, a blow fish with allergies, a tuna fish who can't carry a tune, and so on. roughout the course of the musical, we are all reminded that it takes all kinds of fish to make the ocean the beautiful place that it is, just the way it takes all kinds of people to make a world filled with harmony and colour. It would be a dull place indeed if we were all the same. Songs include: Oceans of Fun! • We're Sharks! • Commotion in the Ocean Roundup Under the Sea • e Colours of the Sea Script John Jacobson & John Higgins Script adapted by Mrs. Lyn Directors Mrs. Lyn, Mrs. Tait, Mrs. Orrbrooke & Mrs. Graves Music adapted by Mrs. Romanowich Music taught by Mrs. Romanowich & Ms. Roszell Piano Accompaniment Mrs. Curran Costumes Mr. Bolton Set & Prop Design Mr. Hofstetter, Mr. Bolton & the JK & SK students Choreography by Viviana Meo Lighting & Sound Mr. Marchessault Maintenance CDS Custodial Staff Programme Mrs. Graves, Kim Sillcox & Leesa Witten Programme by Cooper Graphics Crew

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