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Director's Note One Man, Two Guvnors Artistic Team Directors: Ms. Bevacqua-Tirone, Mr. Fell Technical Director: Mr. Marchessault Sound and Lighting Design: Mr. Hofstetter Set: Originally designed for the National Theatre, UK, by Mark Thompson Adapted for the CDS stage by Mr. Garbe Set Model Construction: Barbara Gordon Costume Design: Mr. Bolton Head of Costumes: Mme. Colucci Scenic Painting and Decoration: Mr. Bolton with Ms. Curran Props: Ms. Curran Original Music: Grant Olding Musical Direction: Mr. Garbe Advertising: Ms. Sillcox, Mr. Lawton Program Cover/Poster Design: Julia Garbe Front of House: Mr. Garbe and Members of the CDS Parent Association: Mrs. Weiss, Mrs. Cantor, Mrs. Panneton, Mrs. Robaszewski, Mrs. Soares, Mrs. Whitmell along with the assistance of Ms. Tracey Scott and Mr. Johnston, Ms. Jeffery and the members of the open studio. Why put on a British farce? Well, when the opportunity to explore the classical style of Commedia dell'Arte, but with a modern twist presented itself – we just couldn't resist. One Man, Two Guvnors was written as a British adaptation of the Servant of Two Masters (1743). For the rare few of you who might be acquainted with Commedia dell'arte, you will no doubt recognize adaptations of such stock characters as Arrlechino, Pantalone, Il Capitano, and Il Dottore. For the rest of you, well, to be honest, any familiarity with such concepts will be superfluous in the end when it comes to your overall enjoyment of the play … so no worries! This play affords us the opportunity to explore comedic characters in a very physical way – a wonderful challenge for young actors. There was also the possibility to include our talented students as live musical accompaniment in the form of a Skiffle Band. The cast and crew also took up the challenge of using a traditional proscenium arch and hidden scene changes. As always, the technical complexity of farce (as well as the unintelligible British slang!) proves to make both the performance and rehearsal a joy. Please laugh loud and laugh often, it is the greatest compliment you can pay to these hardworking students. Enjoy the show. Directors Ms. Bevacqua-Tirone & Mr. Fell

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