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Handy-Dandy Glossary of British Terms Rozzer – Police Officer "Woollies" – slang for Woolworth's department store Gannet – derived from the seabird of the same name, describing someone who eats excessively Bangers and Mash – sausage and mashed potatoes – also slang for cash Brighton & Hove – British seaside resort town, an hour's train ride from London Solicitor – lawyer Geezer – a dude, player, from the Cockney "guiser" – someone playing a role Minder – body guard Guvnor/Gaffer – boss Tooled Up – carrying a weapon Majorca – a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea particularly popular with Brits Bollocks – rubbish, a series of lies York Hall – one of England's best know boxing venues The Old Bill – the police Bins – garbage cans Shrapnel – spare change Toff – derogatory term for a person of an aristocratic background who exudes arrogance Lackey – a servant, henchman Bobby Moore – captain of England's 1966 World Cup winning team Nil by Mouth – nothing to eat Denis Compton – Hall of Fame Cricketer and one of England's most acclaimed batsmen Don Bradman – Australian cricketer widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Also played professional football (soccer) for Arsenal (whose fans are known as "Gooners") Bunk off – stay away from Mills and Boon – Britain's foremost publisher of romance novels W.G. Grace – English cricketer who pioneered the popularity of the game, playing from 1865 – 1908 A Fabian – Member of the Fabian Society – British socialist society whose aim is to "promote greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity Kaw – an exclamation of disbelief Petrol Station – gas station Chuffed to Bits – to be thrilled by something Keep Schtum – from the German – keep quiet What is Skiffle? While the roots of skiffle music date back to the early 20 th century in America, it was its revival in Britain spearheaded by Lonnie Donegan in the early 1950s that made it a craze in that country. Taking songs by Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie and adding a shuffling, up-tempo beat, Donegan soon shot to fame. His simple, straight-forward style of music with its accessible instrumentation inspired a generation of future rock 'n rollers such as Van Morrison, Rodger Daltrey (The Who), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and most notably John Lennon, who brought in Paul McCartney and George Harrison into his skiffle band, The Quarrymen, soon to famously become The Beatles. Your One Man, Two Guvnors Guide to British Slang and Other Items

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