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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 1 34 BY STACY CLARDIE F ive months in the making, the unruly beard practically covers the neck. Three years in the making, the wavy light brown hair hangs to the middle of the back. Four years, the full-throated yell bel- lows outside of the intended huddle, heard on all ends of Ross-Ade Stadium. Twenty-three years, the steely blue eyes burn into any challenger and spark at the prospect of being chal- lenged. Year after year, the body displays unique art, the outline of Texas pop- ping its colors near the belly, a remind- er to "love thy neighbor" emblazoned on the left side, armor emanating from the right pec over the shoulder and down the arm. And, then buried a bit on the side amongst the chaos, a tiny hammer. Maybe more than any of Jordan Roos' rugged offensive lineman manifestations, it's that hammer that reveals all. It easily could signify Purdue. But it doesn't. It's about power. It's beastly strength. It's responsibili- ty that comes with expectation. It's justice, integrity and honor. It's not being scared of work, of sacrifice, of forging paths. It's Roos' alter ego in an icon. It's Thor, the Marvel superhero (and Norse god) with flowing locks, furry face, bulging muscles and owner of the intense glare — and general grit and intensity — that Roos takes to the field. "I kind of wear my heart on my sleeve and my passion with everything," Roos said. "I think people can see that with the way I've played." It's practically defined his career. Roos is fierce, overly aggressive at times, blowing up op- ponents with caveman-type strength — talking 505-pound Roos' passion, toughness fuel Purdue Dropping The Hammer Tom Campbell Jordan Roos' long, straggly hair and out-of-control beard present an intimidating football persona. It works on Saturdays. The rest of the time? "He's actually a pretty big softie," good friend and teammate Jason King said.

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