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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 1 10 5 CB step up. If there's a posi- tion that could nuke Purdue's defense, it's at cornerback. Outside of Da'Wan Hunte, who locked down a spot in the spring and had a solid camp, the Boilermakers have a big-time question. Purdue rotated Tim Cason, Kamal Hardy and Myles Norwood there in camp, but no one separated himself. Norwood, a former receiver, should win the job because he's been the least susceptible to giving up big yardage. But that's not a ringing endorsement. 4 Be Legitimate. The de- fensive line enjoyed a good camp — perhaps very good — being disruptive at the line and in the backfield. (Always a ques- tion, though, is that good D-line or bad O-line?) But if the Boilermak- ers want to have a chance to slow down opposing offenses, then the line has to keep it up. If they play to their potential, then it's a possibility. 3 Be OK. Purdue doesn't need its offensive line to be magnificent. That'd be too much to ask. But the Boilermakers do need a steady group that T O P Keys To The Season Photos by Stacy Clardie (Norwood); Tom Campbell (Defensive line, Offensive line, Blough, Jones) Boiler Index Trips Lead To Winning? Summer foreign trips have, for the most part, been a sign of a good season to come. Here's how the men's basket- ball team has fared in the Big Ten standings the season following a trip overseas: can pass protect on the edges — it didn't always do so very well during camp — so the quarterback can get the ball to several perimeter weapons. 2 Quarterback stability. By now, everyone knows the trend: The opening-day starter at QB hasn't made it into the second half of the season. And that usually means — it certainly has the last three seasons — that the team is losing too regularly. If the Boilermakers are to break one mold, it'll need to break the other. Maybe David Blough is the answer. 1 Stay healthy. Purdue has several positions where it simply cannot afford an injury. It speaks not only to the quality of the starter, guys like Jake Replogle, Markell Jones and Hunte, but the lack of experi- enced depth. Take Jones, for instance, who has dealt with a bit of a mystery knee ail- ment dating to last season. If Purdue lost him, it'd be left without a proven answer at running back. — Kyle Charters Year Location, Tour Record Big Ten finish 1975 Italy, 2-2 Third 1983 Belgium, Netherlands, 4-3 First 1987 Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, 9-1 First 1993 England, France, Belgium, 7-2 First 1997 England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, 8-0 Third 2002 England, France, Belgium, 6-2 Third 2008 Australia, 2-3 Second 2012 Italy, 3-1 Seventh 2016 Spain, 4-0 ? Photo by PPurdue

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