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The Latest For more on the suppliers featured in this section, please see website and phone information following each product. Laser cutting software Vision is an optional software program offered by BITO that is designed to work with Proel laser cutters. Combined with a video camera, this program gives a laser cutter the added capability of cutting complex and detailed shapes at high speeds. It works with the LaserBridge machine and galvanometric laser-cutting equip- ment such as the Spartacus. Although the LaserBridge machine can contour cut most objects, it gets its direc- tion from the accompanying digitizing and laser cutting software. The capability of a laser bridge machine can be expanded by adding a peripheral bridge roller or bridge board along with a camera and Vision software. It can then cut, etch or engrave jobs that are not appliqué-related. Visit: | Call: 866-248-6872 Fluorescent thread Madeira's fluorescent kits are available in both 100 percent polyester Polyneon #40 and matte finish Frosted Matt #40. Both of these polyester threads are bleachable and colorfast. Item #919- 6-FL consists of six 1,100 yard spools of neon colors packaged in a black-light-sensitive neon or- gandy drawstring bag. The Frosted Matt version, item #940-6-FL, consists of six 2,700 yard cones that are reportedly colorfast to extreme UV conditions. Visit: | Call: 800-225-3001 Tearaway backing EnMart introduces JSI brand's EconoTear, a 1.7-oz. moderate tearaway backing said to tear away cleanly and hold stitches well. This stabilizer is a non-woven backing designed for general use, and is recommended for sturdier fabrics. The JSI brand of backing is of wet-laid construction, meaning the fibers are dispersed in a solution and then dried creating a multi-directional, uniform non-woven. Visit: | Call: 866-516-1300 Water-based inks International Coatings' GEN IV Series is a water-based, non-Phthalate, non-PVC high-solids ink said to produce a soft hand with good opacity, yet maintain many of the same advantages of traditional plastisol inks. The ink does not contain heavy metals or other harmful ingredients and meets Oeko-Tex standards. The product line consists of 19 primary colors, as well as several spe- cialty inks, such as a clear base, puff additive, foil/transfer adhesive and glitter base. Visit: | Call: 800-423-4103 Chenille machine Hirsch offers the Tajima TCMX-601 single-head six-color chenille machine. Features include automatic tie-offs, frame backward/forward control, automatic trimmers, thread break detection and automatic needle height adjustment. The 6.5" screen displays the image of the design with the location of the needle at any point in the design. The TCMX-601 stores as many as two million stitches and/or 200 designs in memory and will sew at maximum speeds of 800 stitches per minute. Color sequence can be programmed into the design data via the Tajima DG/ML Pulse Software or loaded manually via the control panel and an automatic chenille color change system. Visit: | Call: 800-394-4426 98 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012

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