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| | | | From Software to Substrate Everything's bigger in Texas friends and clients in the area for a frosty cold beverage or two, and remind them of the show coming up. And, re- flecting on this month's project for Software to Substrate, it's obvious that we have to do a Texas project. We have quite a few customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth W area. But there is one of note that we'll share here. This client's needs were pretty simple and straight-forward: as many as four colors, vintage or distressed, black shirts and as much bang for the buck as possible. Oh, and one more thing. It needs to say—no, it needs to scream—Texas. THE LONE STAR STATE Where to begin? With the subject matter, of course: Tex- as. We started with a Google search for inspiration of just that. You might imagine what comes up—anything from the Alamo to JR Ewing from the '80s prime-time drama soap opera, Dallas. And of course, there was the Texas state flag. BY LON WINTERS Adding Interest with Distress e write this month's column on the way to The NBM Show in Dallas. We pause a bit as we send out emails and phone calls to hook up with our Lon Winters learned screen printing from the bottom up, starting his 20-plus-year career reclaiming screens. He has won nearly 50 internation- al industry awards and honors, published numerous articles, and led sev- eral industry seminars and workshops. Currently, he is president of Colo.- based Print This, Inc./, an international consulting firm specializing in technical advances, plant design, layout, troubleshoot- ing, productivity, quality analysis and complete garment-embellishing solutions. Visit for more information. Contact Winters at See Lon Winters in-person at The NBM Show in 2012, where he'll pres- ent the following classes. (Visit www. for details and to register.) BEYOND SPECIAL EFFECTS Thursday 12 – 2 p.m. August 16; Long Beach, Calif. September 20; Philadelphia WORKSHOP: DYNAMIC SCREEN PRINTING Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. August 18; Long Beach, Calif. September 22; Philadelphia Sure, maybe we've been there, done that... twice. Pretty boring on its own, but we would jazz things up a bit and turn this passé subject into a pretty slick print. Let's face it. What says Texas better than the state flag? The folks down there think Texas is its own country, you know. (But don't tell 'em we said so.) Through some additional research on- line, we came across a great piece for the brand Tap Out that would be our inspi- ration. It was simply a torn up, tattered American flag with type above it on a black shirt. Almost a perfect template. After some simple direction, our cre- The author's mission was to create something that screamed Texas without falling victim to the "been there, done that" disease. (All images courtesy the author) 22 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012 ative director refused to "steal" the image. After an attitude adjustment, we assured him that this was only inspiration and we weren't stealing anything. Sure, we were going to use a red, white and blue flag with type above it, but this is where the similari- ties would end. The final image would be completely different. Intermediate n

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