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| | | | Hart of Embroidery Surveying new substrates of any substrate, and this challenging medium is no exception. E ENTER THE SCREEN As alluded to, screening is an unusual canvas for embroidery. It comes in plastic, metal and polyester flavors, though the metal version isn't recommend- ed, as it can break needles and fray thread. For nov- elty and fun items, the plastic and polyester varieties are best. After searching to no avail for screening at my local fabric store, I discovered it in a rainbow of colors on the Internet. Called "pet screening," the variety I found is woven .025" diameter PC polyester fabric touted as an "industry standard" in strength. It is a combination of fiberglass and polyester coated with vinyl and it wears like iron. Although strong, it is flexible and perfect for many embroidery projects. Plus, looking at all the won- derful hues available can set an imagination run- ning wild. If one finds a money-making use for it, all 18 colors in 54" X 8' lengths can be purchased for a crafty field day! BY HELEN HART MOMSEN Embroidering on Screening Material mbroidering on screening material isn't a new concept, but it is not an everyday proj- ect, either. I like to consider the possibilities Intermediate n Helen Hart Momsen has been a member of the embroidery industry for more than three decades. She is the owner of Virginia-based Hart Enterprises. Widely published in the industry's trade press, Momsen is a monthly columnist and fea- ture writer for NBM's Printwear magazine. Momsen founded the Embroidery Line, an Internet forum where embroiderers can share ideas and offer assistance and encouragement to newbies and veterans alike ( She developed and sells the Hart Form, a business ordering aide used by many pro- fessional embroiderers. Momsen is also the author of two embroidery-related books: Prof essional Embroi- dery: Business by Design and Professional Embroidery: Stitching by Design, available on the Web at www. Her third book, Professional Embroidery: Digitizing by Design, will debut in 2012. See Helen Hart Momsen in-person at The NBM Show in 2012, where she'll present the following classes. (Visit www. DIVERSIFY WITH EMBROI- DERY Thursday 10:30–11:30 a.m. August 16; Long Beach, Calif. September 20; Philadelphia DIGITIZING: BUILD EMBROI- DERY STITCHING Thursday 3–4 p.m. August 16; Long Beach, Calif. September 20; Philadelphia for details and to register.) WORKSHOP: EMBROI- DERY PRACTICUM, FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION Saturday 9 a.m.–1 p.m. August 18; Long Beach, Calif. September 22; Philadelphia Some embroiderers use no backing when stitching screening but the author prefers to as it also helps protect the machine's throat plate and to keep any debris from the screen from falling into the hook assembly. (All images courtesy the author) 30 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012 Thread that is #30-weight will execute the design nicely with fewer stitches, but remember to use less density in the design and edit for use with a thicker thread.

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