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the needle and allow the goods to move more freely. Note that waxed paper doesn't show like tear-away does, and any small pieces that remain will be less noticeable. The material is flexible enough to hoop the backing and the screen together. DESIGN AND FINISH For designs that include text, bold sans serif block lettering tends to look best on screening. A netting of underlay (two lay- ers of loose fill at opposing angles) under the words or other designs will help fill the holes of the screen and keep the let- tering on top. Backing should be cut or soaked away, and any long threads trimmed. After grooming, weights placed on top of the masterpiece over paper towels will help the finished piece dry flat. FINAL THOUGHTS Experiments like this make embroidery even more interesting and dynamic. Don't be afraid to have some fun and use your imagination. I speak with so many embroiderers who service corporate groups and don't take the time to try new techniques, when it can be very rewarding. Try this fresh and unexpected medium and put some picnic kits or tote bags next to your check-out, advertising them for birthdays or Mother's Day. A fishing vest for Dad could be just the thing for his next big catch, and your corporate customers might just thank you for the one-stop-shopping opportunity when they come to pick up their staff shirts. Add to your bottom line with creative impulse purchases—and have some fun along the way! Hugs to all of you this month as you go about decorating our world—HHM pw 2012 JULY PRINTWEAR | 33

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