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| | | | Internet Strategies BY KELLY "RAGS" RAGLAND Pinteresting Marketing Ideas sights from the world's largest sample of online consumer behavior to help marketers increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, reports that Pinterest has al- ready grown into the new number three social site on the web in terms of total visitors, creeping past LinkedIn to nab that slot. With massive popularity that has become difficult to ignore, the site has established R ecently, we explored the latest social networking giant, Pinterest. Experian Hitwise, a digital mar- keting insights company that delivers daily in- Kelly "Rags" Ragland is owner and operator of Rags to Stitches Productions, a holistic advertising-specialty company providing a range of services from web design and development to customized apparel. Read his blog at itself as a fantastic avenue for marketing products and services. Tailor-made for apparel decorators, Pinterest is a simple, visual method to grab the attention of a target market. It's important to understand what Pinterest is and how it works. The site is described as a content-sharing community that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other items of interest to their pin boards, much like a virtual bulletin board in a public set- ting. Users can create custom titled boards in an unlimited amount of categories to which they can pin their images and videos, providing online marketers with free and unlimited space to place products and services, along with direct links to their websites. PINNING DOWN AN AUDIENCE Many marketing research reports indicate that women make the online purchasing deci- sions for roughly 75 percent of American households. In its infancy, reports indicated that the majority of Pinterest users were women (about 80 percent). But the demograph- ics are changing rapidly as professional sports teams have created boards to share images and schedules, and other boards of interest to male audiences such as do-it-yourself websites and man caves have arrived for the online collabo- ration. The viral properties that go along with Pinterest make the site even more beneficial for online marketing strat- egies. More often than not, user actions such as "likes," "pins" and "re-pins" are automatically shared with other networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Recently, Pinterest became the top social media referrer for MarthaStewart. com and Statistics show that Pinterest is sending more referral traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined. Now THAT is a lot of referrals! In order to get in on the action, read on for some tips and tricks to get you up and running after the Pinterest crowd. BE PINTERESTING Simply adding a few boards and pins to Pinterest won't bring you turnkey success. Explore ways to target niche markets on the site. Create boards with keyword relevant titles that users will find when browsing, and keep the items pinned within those boards on topic. 34 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012 GATHER A FOLLOWING While your marketing goals involve pin- ning your own products to your boards, adding other items similar in nature will help your boards get noticed and help you gather followers for a consistent au- dience. A board titled "Great Golf Stuff," for example, could include your sharpest golf apparel, but throwing in a laser guid- ed putter and a few funny golf cartoons, spices up the board and creates interest. Follow other avid users that have boards of similar content; they will likely return the favor and bring their followers.

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