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the possibility of a pressure-sensitive sticky carrier, which will aide in the secure place- ment of designs without risk. Since heat-applied films are more or less limited to one-color designs for shoe ap- plication, it is a good idea to find a source for solvent printed digital transfers to do multi-color designs. This allows the in- corporation of logos, multi-color text el- ements and even photos or other unique ideas. Just as with single-color heat transfer films, printable films with strong adhesives are available that are recommended for ny- lon or leather application. These adhesives will also work on almost all shoe materials. Regardless of whether the selection is a single-color heat transfer film or a multi- color digitally printed transfer, the cost is relatively the same. A 2" X 2" custom- ization will cost approximately $0.10 to $0.15 to create. The going rate for after- market customization is $10, while some shoe manufacturers will throw in custom- ization as a value-add just to move high- margin footwear out the door. Finally, consider merchandising varying styles of customization. With the range of footwear on the market and various color trends, there is opportunity for metallic based materials, neon colors, glitters and more. Just as with T-shirts, as you venture beyond the basics, a higher selling price and perceived value can be commanded. Heat printing is extremely versatile. There are certain styles of shoes that a business can hoop and embroider and also certain types that can be printed with a direct-to-substrate printer. However, heat printing allows decorators to accommodate virtually any shoe with confidence. Begin bringing business through your door that can eventually translate into more decorat- ed products by adding this capability. continued on page 97 2012 JULY PRINTWEAR | 39 Use INFO # 19

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