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SPECIALTY T-SHIRTS Among the many spe- cialty washes available in the wholesale mar- kets, ombre is one of the most popu- lar at the moment. An ancient dying technique, it cre- ates a gradient effect from light to dark colors. (Image courtesy Royal Apparel) For more traditional screen-printed de- signs that won't overwhelm the pattern, Levine suggests a reverse technique, where the design is printed backward on the in- side of the garment. When worn, the design shows through the sheer areas of the shirt, resulting in an aged and faded design. WASHED OUT Another unique fabric is created through the wash process. Not all of these processes are as clearly apparent as, say, a burnout. But all help add to the value of the shirt Because burnout adds a level of design on its own, decora- tions shouldn't be regarded the same as they would on a traditional shirt. One option is to do a reverse technique, where the design is printed backward on the inside of the garment, resulting in an aged, faded, vintage design when worn. (Image courtesy Boxercraft) The soft, muted appearance of heather fabric can be created in one of two ways: from pre-dyed yarns, or by cross-dying. (Image courtesy Alstyle Apparel) 44 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012

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