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The first step is to select a wide range of ink bases that have unique characteristics onto themselves. A good ink list to start with may include: • General purpose base—for a common flat, smooth surface; • Expansion base (i.e. a puff or sculp- ture)—for high textures or 3D edge surfaces; • Clear base (i.e. an HD or SFX clear)— to create a Gel or high shine clear; • Rock base—a high-resin base to create a hard or rough surface; • Soft base—a thin, low-opacity base to simulate water-base. The Product Information Bulletin for each of these bases will show the ink manu- facturer's recommendations for each of the base effects. With that in mind, the screens should be • Suede base—to create a very soft sur- face; and prepared for the setup. A good starting point for screen inventory that will accommodate most special effect printing includes: ü 86 mesh ü 110 mesh ü 160 mesh ü 230 mesh ü 86 mesh/200micron ü 110 mesh/200micron Since the goal is to create a book of SFX prints for the creative department and/or customers, I suggest using your company logo as the artwork for these prints. Not only does it make it easy to hand out to cus- tomers, it also ensures that anyone viewing the print will know who printed it. Expose a one-color version of the logo in each of the listed screens to create a basis for all effects. It may also be handy to ready a second set of screens with a distressed or interesting pattern dropped out of the logo to complete the later stages of this process. Once the screens are completed, the press should be set up with all of the screens reg- istered to each other, as if it were a multi- color print. Use INFO # 37 SMALL BUSINESSES GO WHY TIMELESS TIPS TO HELP YOU SUCCEED BROKE The Remarkable Book by Stephen L. Capper Discover the common errors that sink otherwise healthy businesses. Learn established practices that keep successful businesses alive and thriving. This book could be the best investment you make all year! WWW.WHYSMALLBUSINESSESGOBROKE.COM Order your copy today for just $29.95 (plus $4.95 S&H) A National Business Media Inc. Publication 2012 JULY PRINTWEAR | 55

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