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O f the many definitions of SFX, there is one that is very alarming. That is, the one in which "awesome look- ing images" that "look great on the showroom wall" and allow us "to be everything to everyone" to where customers "won't be able to refuse" as though "we can use the work" which will "give us a chance to sharpen our skills" while Joe Clarke entered the screen-printing industry more than 25 years ago. After op- erating his own shop, holding top executive positions with some of the industry's biggest manufacturers and establishing a successful career as an independent con- sultant, Clarke is now a principle in Clarke Product Renovation offering optimized product designs. He contributes feature articles on textile screen printing exclu- sively to Printwear. Reach him at Before getting into SFX printing, it is advisable to find the local guru and ask which of the SFX are easiest and which are technically the toughest to recreate. We don't want a generic answer—i.e. all-over prints are easier to print than true pro- cess color—as it doesn't address a particular skill set nor the capacity of particular equipment. See where simbroidery and suede fit on the spectrum. (Images this page and opposite courtesy Lon Winters, This Inc.) 58 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012 THE COST/PROFIT CONTINUUM Is SFX Printing Right for You? A look at production-based SFX and how to price proficiently BY JOE CLAR K E Beginner l Intermediate n

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