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The foil here may be the "effect," but the true trick is to master fine, articulate details. we "sell the sizzle…not the steak." If, at any time in our consideration of SFX printing, we fall prey to one or more of the previous clichés, we should stop and reconsider our motive and opportunity. Adherence to this definition can put us out of business. MOTIVE AND OPPORTUNITY If we're trying to "be everything to every- body," we may need to consider the cost versus the value of adding styles, SKU's and special effects. There is an adage; "the early bird gets the worm, but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese." The first person to design, formulate, engineer and launch a special effect will make the longest dollar per print, but also has the greatest risk. By the time "everyone else is doing it," the risk and the margin have been minimized. So, say we decide to start with an ink that has a lower cost of entry—gels, for example, are easy to predict and to print consistently. But consider this also means they produce a lower general margin. Conversely, the mar- gin for simulated process is likely to remain strong for some time, due to high demand, short supply and its technical complexity. Before playing follow-the-leader with respect to SFX, consider first, what makes us think they know where they are going, The Mod1 Direct-To-Garment Printer is so reliable and easy-to-use, some- times it's easy to forget you are using an industrial grade printing machine! Whether you're just starting out or adding to your garment decorating Use INFO # 259 877.202.0886 | 2012 JULY PRINTWEAR | 59

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