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Consider that the technique is the key to creating stellar SFX. Sometimes that technique is encompassed wholly in the art production, oth- ers completely a product of specialty inks and the process used to print them, but most are a combina- tion thereof. (Image courtesy Ryonet) The first step to pricing is to understand that the common thread for the general category of SFX prints—including gels, high-density, elastic, grit, glitter, metallic, discharge, simulated-process, true process (and on darks), puff, phosphorescent, simbroidery, foils, occlusion, reflective, numerals, fragrance and name drops—is their incremental time and ink cost. So, it's important to estimate the cost differ- ences between a typical and an SFX print. CRITICAL COSTS Irrespective of the run length or the cost of frame, mesh, stencil, films and blades, the only two critical costs of contract printing are the ink and the cost of the time it takes to put that ink on the shirt. The cost to produce SFX will be greater than the bread- and-butter work, so we must consider net output and incremental ink cost of SFX be- fore we can quote a profitable price. The two most consequential but incon- spicuous issues with SFX are time-to-color and stoppage or interruptive downtime. We must be certain to include the time-to- color and stoppage as a percentage in order to have an accurate estimate of our cost. continued on page 109 It's 100% of our job to help you get it right! Pre-press errors show on each shirt, your customer's face, and your bottom-line. Don't work hard at destroying your business. Success on-press starts at pre-press and with Freehand... Pre-press is: Job Evaluation • Art Creation / Preparation • File Output • Screen Making Online: Knowledgebase Online: Video Café Online: Frank Lee Blog Hire Education (VNC) Pre-Press Training Center Adobe Step-by-Step Guide Corel Step-by-Step Guide AccuRIP Spot Process Sep Studio All Black Ink / Resetter Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder Use INFO # 94 CELEBR ATING Learn from the best! New Dates Added. 2012 JULY PRINTWEAR | 63 LEARNING RESOURCES PRODUC T S SOFT WARE

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