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importantly, W e see it everywhere—glit- ter, sparkle and fashion- oriented heat applied film is no doubt popular. More it's what customers want these days. The next generation buyers of decorated apparel are demanding that de- signs be spiced up. But how can decorators incorporate these specialty materials in the more typical, everyday jobs? Let's first look at what options are out there. One popular category is glitter ma- Francesco S. Viola is founder, owner and president of Versatrans, an international busi- ness offering custom transfers and transfer materials for the apparel-decorating industry. Viola's primary responsibility is strategic planning and marketing the business but has been on the other side of the industry as a T-shirt printer while attending Michigan State University in the 90s. Viola learned through that business what he wanted from his trans- fer supplier, so he opened Versatrans in 2000. terials that produce a shine with a bright, shimmering, reflected light. There are op- tions ranging from shimmer to medium glitter to ultra glitter. Shimmers are more muted while the ultra glitter has nearly a blinding bling effect. Glitter Film: At the end of the day, the cost difference for specialty materials is only going to be slightly more. The added value of taking something typical and making it special is worth something. (All im- ages courtesy the author) 68 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012 Sparkle Film: The cost in materials is small, but perceived value is high. For example, the cost per square inch of traditional film and sparkle is only about $0.14 for a 10 X 10 design, which allows for a large increase in profit margin. BY FRANC E S CO VIOLA GLITTER, SPARKLE AND FASHION How to use trendy heat applied film for everyday orders Beginner l

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