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Glitter Film Sparkle Film Also available are sparkle materials; ho- lographic films that create stunning reflec- tive color effects, and fashion patterns that add imaginative fun and printed character to designs. Other trendy materials include metallic, paint, glow in the dark, transpar- ent colors with a high-gloss wet look and flock. All options are available from any industry heat transfer suppliers. Most will offer color swatches and samples as well. MARKET CONSIDERATIONS While the magic is in the materials, a win- ning creation also relies on the right design for the right audience. It's time to rethink how artwork has been created for custom- ers and how to spice it up and produce a creative edge and trendy appeal for each specific market. To do so, many of our customers look specifically at their customer demograph- ic. For example, their audience may be a teenage girls' dance team. The direction from the client may be for a design to say the competitive dance company's name in pink on a light pink shirt. When working with this customer, sug- gest pink glitter or pink sparkle to give this shirt a little attitude/character at a price increase of about $2 to $8 more per shirt. The cost to create the shirt may be about same as using screen printed transfers or direct imprinting, but the added effect offers an upsell opportunity to increase profit margin. In another example, we have motorcycle companies that have us create detailed de- signs that incorporate a metallic specialty material. This just goes to show the realm of possibility; that it can be used with tough guys and a girls' dance team. We add dimension to motorcycle helmets and accent car show T-shirt designs by carefully accenting the chrome with metallic film. WHAT IT TAKES Adding this capability to your business is fairly simple. Required tools include a computer with a vector artwork program, raster image processing (RIP) software, a cutter and a heat press. The total to get started is around $3,200 (for a basic set- up; without the computer, it costs about $2,200). First, graphics are created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. A note here: When creating the designs, you want to use a font that will weed well. Weeding is the process of taking away the negative area (the area that is not part of the de- sign), once the design has been cut. A font or design with small detail will not always weed well. Sometimes, when the font or design is too small, the "good" part of the design will lift up during weeding and can come off the transfer when weed- ing the design. In some cases, it's possible to place the small font or design back down on the carrier sheet, but in others, the en- tire transfer is ruined. We recommend all fonts and designs to be at least four points. HOWARD AND INSTA MAKE A WINNING COMBINATION! Use INFO # 79 866-695-8195 TOLL FREE 2012 JULY PRINTWEAR | 69

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