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Contents | July 2012 | Volume 25 | Number 11 | Inside Columns 8 COMMON THREADS In Celebration of Independence 20 SELLING SMART The blame game 22 SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE Taking on Texas 26 BUSINESS TRAINER Benchmarking: best practices 81 Other Features 76 NEW WORLD ORDER With the new mentality of fast fashion and just-in-time delivery, the average size of high-quantity orders is shrinking. Printwear explores the reality of this business model and what it means for the industry. 81 TECH SHOWCASE: PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Rev up your engines and pump out some volume with this multi-discipline showcase, featuring equipment with a focus on big production. 88 the DIGITAL WORKSTATION: WHEN TO GO WIDE They say bigger is better. In terms of T-shirt decoration, it's one of the hottest things going, especially for sublimation. Jimmy Lamb breaks down the re- quirements to achieve high-quality, all-over designs. 92 The WORD on WIDE Industry experts weigh in on where wide format fits into the decorated apparel industry and what future opportunities it may hold. Quote/Unquote: " 6 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012 88 30 HART OF EMBROIDERY Surveying new substrates 34 INTERNET STRATEGIES Pinteresting marketing ideas 36 GRAPHICS HOT SPOT Custom kicks 112 TENSION BREAKER American idle Departments 12 BUSINESS WATCH Watching business 16 GREENSPOT Sustainable news 17 WEB WATCH Cool wwwebsites 80 INpRINT Industry lit 98 THE LATEST Product reviews "Fighting the market isn't very wise; you're going to lose. — JOHN HORNE, from New World Order, page 76 106 DATEBOOK Mark your calendar What we have to do is see what the market wants, figure out a way to do it, keep competitive and hopefully figure out a way to do it better. 108 GET INFO SYSTEM Advertiser index 110 THE MARKETPLACE Classified ads

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