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TECH SHOWCASE: HIGH-VOLUME PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Rev up your engines and get ready to… Pump Out the Volume! Pushing out large orders can't be done alone. Find you perfect production match, regardless of the decoration method, here. For more on the volume-oriented equipment featured here, please see website and telephone information following each supplier' s showcased item. Multi-head screen printing press The Stratus II from Anatol offers the Aries touch screen operating system, standard on all models, and features three preset flash dwell times. The Stratus II is available in eight- to 16-colors with a print area of 20" X 20" and has newly designed individual print head con- trols and side screen clamps, and quick release squeegees and flood bars for easy change-over. The machine can handle as many as four flash units. The press comes standard with rubber coated alumi- num platens. 866-426-2865 Large format heat press The MaxiPress Air Automatic large format press from Geo Knight draws from the history of the manual Maxi- Press while providing an automatic production-oriented machine. The Automatic MaxiPress is available in the same 30" X 40" and 40" X 64" sizes as the manual, but with 10-ton, 20,000 lbs. applied force capability with push-button activation. Available with rigid twin-station loading tables for dual productivity, the Air-Op press is volume oriented as well as capable of pressing full beds of tile, signage, textiles and more. Bottom heat is also available on the MaxiPress Air for "all- over" sublimation printing on double sided finished garments. 800-525-6766 Updated embroidery series Barudan introduces the New X Se- ries. The machine features an XS/XY Automat which stores a maximum of 100 memory locations with 10 million stitch capacity, a larger 8.4" color LCD display with an improved 640 X 480 screen resolution, three USB ports and a LAN Connector Standard LAN port for Barudan's networking software. A COM port is still available for direct software connections. It also has new spring-loaded trimmers to help protect the trimmers and require fewer trim- mer adjustments, exclusive Solenoid- driven thread clamps which are said to reduce pullouts and thread breaks and a radius cylinder arm for high stitch quality on caps. The sewing heads and table height have also been raised 4" for better ergonomics. 800-627-4776 2012 JULY PRINTWEAR | 81

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