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TECH SHOWCASE: PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Multicolor automatic screen printing press A.W.T. features the Econo-Tex Automatic Multicolor Screen Printer. The machine's heavy duty, vibration-free design can print multicolor images on textiles at a maximum of 75-dozen units hourly. All Econo-Tex Automatic units, whether having a servo-drive or with a pneumatic indexer drive, are available in 10- or 12-station configurations. The Econo-Tex Automatic Printer is available in 10 colors with maximum print areas of 16" X 18"or 18" X 22". Features include indexer freewheeling, central off-contact adjust- ment and tool-free changeover. The Econo-Tex also boasts a full professional safety system on the indexer with instant- stop capability, safety loops and emergency stop buttons on the operator panel and print heads. Instant online service technology is also available with The Remote Diagnostics system which uses the phone modem or internet access to link users to the A.W.T. central diagnostics computer for on-the-spot service worldwide. Additional features include, touch-screen programming, air pressure controls for squee- gee and floodbar, job-countdown function on the digital control panel and single and double print capability. 773-777-7100 Multiple-station model screen printing presses The M&R Sportswear EX, model 1618, offered by Graphic Solution Group, has a maximum print area of 16" X 18" and comes in six-, eight- and 10-color models. A larger version is also available. This automatic screen printing press features electric print heads, servo-driven indexers, multiple print- stroke capability and a new color touch-screen interface with graphical displays and icon-based labeling that can show information and commands in numerous languages. It also includes onboard self-diagnostics and real-time production data display. It is compatible with M&R's Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc Rapid Registration systems. Standard features include independent squeegee and floodbar speed adjustments, ad- justable rear screen holders and pneumatic squeegee/flood- bar locks with tool-free angle adjustment. Pneumatic clamps hold frames tight and allow rapid screen loading. There are squeegee air regulators with pressure gauges on each print head and independently set angle and calibrated pressure adjustments. Independent print, reset and print/flood speed controls on each print head further simplify setup. 800-366-1776 84 | PRINTWEAR JULY 2012

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