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SCORE INTERNATIONAL DRIVER SAFETY WORKSHOP S CORE will be reaching a historical landmark in 2017 with the 50th Anniversary of racing in Baja. Throughout all these years, Baja racing has always had an inherent danger. Due to the length of a given course it is impossible to secure the entire race and the general rule is to always expect the unexpected at all times! SCORE race events, however, have never been safer than they are now and our never ending goal is to keep making these events even safer. SCORE has made several changes that have saved countless lives in the last 3.5 years since the new leadership took over. Here is some insight as to what has been done and what is being planned to make SCORE racing safer: MORE MEXICAN POLICE PRESENCE The race courses in Baja are used by adventurers, the people of Mexico and several race organizations. The land for each race event is rented by the tourism department and provided for each event. The security and safety of the fans are the responsibility of the city police, state police, and Mexican military. Fans have access to the race course during pre-running and can choose anywhere to spectate along hundreds of miles of course for each event. After last year's Baja 500 the police doubled their efforts. The city doubled the amount of concrete barrier and Police had many more officers working the first 5 miles of the course. Instead of the normal 3,000 feet of caution tape, it was increased to 16,000 feet of caution tape. NEW LAWS AIMED FOR SPECTATOR SAFETY The biggest change in 50 years is coming in the form of new laws which stemmed from an accident at last year's San Felipe 250. The new laws will make illegal to spectate within 25 meters of the race course and to create booby traps. In crowded areas, like the Ensenada wash area, the police will soon have in the future the authority to enforce the new laws when people are not following the safety rules. This will be a very large step for spectator safety and allow the police to be effective. AMBULANCES NOW HAVE ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT The very first change under these new safety initiatives was upgrading the ambulances from just transportation vehicles to advanced life support equipped vehicles from the less than basic, if any life support equipment, previously being utilized. MEDICAL HELICOPTERS & LIFE FLIGHT AT EACH RACE For the first time in SCORE history, SCORE has upgraded the medical helicopters, life- flight services and ambulance capabilities with on board medical teams. In addition, there are other helicopters registered for race team support and filming that can be directed by Weatherman if necessary to assist in emergencies by stopping and checking on racers who have stopped and pressed only their medical buttons. There is now an additional rescue helicopter that is being provided by a group of Trophy Truck teams to add another layer of safety to their race efforts and any other emergency that might take place. SCORE has also added a large Huey set up for rescue, having much more rescue capacity than ever before with jaws of life, spreaders, Sawzall, suction, oxygen, meds, etc, along with several rescue personnel on board. FIRST RESPONDER RULE The new 'First Responder Rule' allows racers to stop and give assistance to another competitor with potential injuries without losing time in the race. They must report what they did at the finish line to receive time credit and we verify it through data logger information and the race team they assisted. In the past, anyone who stopped to help was giving up their chance of victory. The hero who stopped for 232x Noah Evermann and stayed with him until the DA arrived, received a full refund for the race and a sponsorship from SCORE on the Desert Challenge and Baja 1000. He has also been nominated for SCORE person of the year. ADDITIONAL RED CROSS ASSISTANCE The Red Cross now has Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances and 4x4 rescue trucks that were part of a SCORE initiative to upgrade SAFETY INITIATIVES FOR SCORE RACES BY SCORE STAFF 018 SCORE JOURNAL

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