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these services which are dedicated to the race and on standby around the course during an event. Aero-Medi- Vac has a King Air and a Lear Jet 35 medical transport with a medical team on standby with one aircraft at a local airport during any race event COMMUNICATIONS UPGRADES Emergency communications are now handled by 16 push to talk (PTT) MSat satellite radios, 35 (PTT) Iridium satellite radios/sat phones, satellite dish communications along with cellular and 50 VHF radios. All Red Cross ambulances also used their own specialized low-frequency UHF radios, VHF radios, PTT Iridium sat phones and cellular. In Baja, you can never depend on a single form of communication. CHASE TEAM SAFETY RULES Another new rule SCORE instituted is for chase team safety. In the past, the majority of all fatalities at SCORE events involved chase team members having accidents while chasing on the highways. With this new rule, if any passenger in a chase truck is uncomfortable and asks the driver to slow down and they don't listen, then they must report it to the team manager. If the team manager does not straighten out the issue, the passenger can report it to SCORE and the team can be disqualified. The new SCORE leadership has had zero chase deaths during a race since taking over 19 races ago. SCORE GPS TRACKING SCORE worked with Volocore 2 years ago to make it possible for all racers to carry their own device on their person in case they were separated from their race vehicle. SCORE purchased these trackers so every rider could be tracked for the first time, giving each rider three buttons to communicate a mechanical, medical or major life and death issues. This has also allowed the larger class teams to carry multiple tracking units as backup for tracking and location needs. SCORE is now developing a new and improved system with STELLA that will increase the data logging capabilities that will now incorporate a new "GForce" indicator that will alert SCORE official to crashes and even rollover situations. This system will also alert the user immediately of any violations involving VCP or speeding areas which will have a huge impact on keeping speeds down and reducing the potential for speeding accidents. Finally, the STELLA unit will show the location immediately to SCORE operations in case of emergency. This system is currently in operational testing but is planned to be in use by the 2016 SCORE Baja 1000. SAFETY VIDEOS SCORE is in a constant process of producing additional safety videos to educate both Mexican and attending U.S. fans on what to do when attending and watching a SCORE race event. These videos feature the top Mexican and U.S. drivers presenting these messages and have been produced in both Spanish and English. These are being promoted in the Mexican and U.S. markets with the World of SCORE video series, SCORE social media, and within SCORE Journal digital magazine. FUTURE SAFETY MEASURES SCORE has been able to impose rules without destroying the tradition or history of the events. But SCORE has not been able to make rules or laws for the public. The government of Mexico is in the process of doing that now. In the past, many two-wheel competitors were run over by four-wheel competitors. Mandatory shortcuts for sportsman riders were instituted the day the new SCORE administration took over. Two- wheel racers were outraged but it proved to work well and eventually through education, rules, videos, articles, talk shows and special rider safety meetings, SCORE was able to end the mandatory shortcuts with guidance from the Kurt Caselli Foundation. The results have been NO rider fatalities in 19 race events from accidents with four-wheel classes. These are few examples of changes that have made a major impact on safety. There are many other changes that have improved over the last 19 race events, which have made SCORE racing safer now than any time in the history of the sport. With new laws coming into effect, these will make the single biggest improvement in 50 years of the sport. In addition, SCORE is also planning on producing more safety videos and seminars. SCORE also conducted a free safety seminar in San Diego on July 30th for all race teams, and will continue to offer a platform for safety experts from many other forms of motorsports to cover a range of safety topics. These will also be recorded for future safety videos along with a "Live Feed video broadcast" to spread the information to those who cannot attend in person. SJ 019 SCORE JOURNAL

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