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systems have a lever to activate it. In NASCAR and other racing series they are automatic. The automated systems use a thin glass tube rated for different temperatures. When that temperature is reached, the glass melts and the system activates automatically. The system is charged and ready to go all the time, and it is super durable." Imagine you are upside down and unconscious and the car is on fire. It's not a great time to remember to pull the lever to activate the system, and most guys would still have the safety clip on the lever. In UTV's with the engine behind you, it could catch on fire and you might not even know it. "We are also using a different product to charge the system, 3M Novec," said Roeseler. "It's really efficient as a fire retardant. It is a liquid and the bottles are charged with nitrogen. It's super clean, unlike a powder or foam. It's the newest latest greatest stuff." "The UTV kits will be model specific like models for the Polaris 1000," said Roeseler. "In the future there will be many more for all the popular manufacturers. We just want to make people safe and help them protect their investment and their families." Roeseler is also involved with NexGen fuel which is a non- petroleum based diesel fuel. "NexGen burns really clean and is super-efficient," said Roeseler. "It's almost like a race fuel version of diesel, but the cost is about the same. People are really excited about it. It is a renewable diesel and 100% non petroleum so its super green. It's not a bio diesel and its 100% interchangeable with normal diesel you get at the pump." To find out more about Safecraft fire suppression products, and NexGen clean burning fuel,visit vwww. , and 023 SCORE JOURNAL

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