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have it all figured out. It's a very humbling sport and you need to be methodical. Be patient, pay your dues and soak it all in. SJ: What means more to you, winning a SCORE Baja 1000 overall or a championship? LR: That's easy to answer! I'll take one SCORE Baja 1000 win over three championships. You can have a bad year, but if you win the 1000, you have done something right. For me, I want number 14 and number 15, then I will probably hang up my helmet. SJ: Rumor has it you have shown up to some bike races in recent years and whooped up on the young guys. LR: In recent years I have done some local desert races, District 36, and I have "overalled" a few of them. I've won a couple on a KX450. I have a Honda XR650 all done up, I've made it a really good bike, I "overalled" a couple races with it, and it really pisses the kids off. I've had some good races with the guys and they are like, "f*** the old man beat me!" It's pretty funny. I enjoy it. I still try to ride as much as I can. It's not always about speed, single track trails in the mountains, hard of course, the harder the better for me. I really enjoy just getting out on the bike and getting that exercise and concentration and being part of the bike. I think it helps keep me sharp. I thought about getting a KX500 and building it up, I talked to my old mechanic and asked if he could still build a motor and he said hell yeah. I think it would be fun to build one back up but I haven't got around to it yet. SJ: Your nickname in Mexico Mister Baja. What do you think of the nickname? LR: It's an honor. I go to the gas station or wherever and it's Senor Baja! I have a very recognizable face in Baja, a lot of friends and fans. It's a great nickname and I wear it with great honor. SJ: The Landshark/Truggy had a fire at NORRA this year and it is being rebuilt. What color should it be painted? LR: Go back to red. In my opinion, the truggy needs to be rebuilt and put it back to original red. That's my vote. I can be in the middle of Baja in Constitution or Insurgentes way down south and have a Terrible Herbst t-shirt on and kids or a gas station attendant will come up to me and say Tiburon! Tiburon! They immediately associate the Herbst and the shark. SJ 032 SCORE JOURNAL

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