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October 2016

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7 Ways to Improve your Focus on the Ice By HockeyShot's Mental & Emotional Coach, John Haime Focus—it's a tough thing to get down in any sport. You might know the feeling— make a mistake on the ice or have a bad shift and you can find it difficult to get your mind back in the game and create the right internal environment to play well in the rest of the game or show your potential on the ice. Some call it being "frazzled." HERE ARE SEVEN STEPS TO HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR FOCUS ON THE ICE THIS SEASON: 1. You must be aware of what's going on outside of the rink emotionally so the negative energy doesn't disrupt your focus in it. Express emotions created outside of the rink before you arrive in the rink. 2. Construct a routine that works for you—simple, comfortable, reliable actions that put your mind on the task in training and when it counts. This creates consistency and predictability in your behavior and begins your process of performing on ice. 3. If you find yourself drifting, bring yourself back to the center by asking yourself, "Where's my focus?" This will create awareness and help you keep your mind on the task. 4. Accept that there are things in hockey you can and can't control. Identify what they are and only put focus on those things within your control. Consider this carefully and understand the difference. 5. Consider a very short, quiet session each day focusing on your breath. In this mental fitness session, the more you catch your mind wandering off and bringing it back to concentrating on the breath, the more your concentration muscles strengthen. 6. Eat high-protein, low-carb meals before practicing or playing. Carbs can cause quick crashes while proteins become brain fuel more slowly, providing a steady energy level helping to sustain focus. 7. Focus declines quickly when you are tired, and there's an epidemic of sleep deprivation. Enough sleep can make a difference and help keep your mind on the game. Focus is a big area in your ability to play well on the ice … and in everything you do. Get to know what allows you to be focused on important tasks. This will help you maximize your abilities and take advantage of all the work you do to become the player you'd like to be. HOCKEYSHOT.COM TIP OF THE MONTH: OCTOBER 2016 ADVERTORIAL For more helpful tips & resources, please visit: HockeyShot.com TAGLINE GOES HERE MINNESOTAHOCKEYJOURNAL.COM // OCTOBER.2016 NEWS + NOTES FROM THE STATE OF HOCKEY 04 PHOTOS: ARCHIVES & GOALS ASSISTS DID YOU KNOW… Nine Minnesotans competed for Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey team—the most of any state. (Michigan: 3, Massachusetts: 2, Connecticut: 2, Wisconsin: 2, New York: 2, Colorado: 1, New Jersey: 1, Alaska: 1) GettInG to KnoW… New York Rangers Center, Derek Stepan Hastings Hockey Association Q: What's your favorite TV show? A: We recently had our son, Maxwell, so we actually just binge-watched six seasons of "Game of Thrones." Q: Since you mentioned "Game of Thrones," any favorite Houses to rule Westeros? A: [Laughs] I don't really have a favorite house. All of my houses have fallen apart— I hope that doesn't spoil anything for anyone. I really enjoy the show overall. I'm a big fan of Jon Snow, that's an easy one, and I like all of the dragons. I just like the show in general. I am a huge fan of the Starks, too. Q: Backstreet Boys or 'NSync? A: 'NSync, just because of JT (Justin Timberlake). I don't have a favorite song of theirs, I guess, but just JT in general. Anything JT does, he's one of the coolest guys out there. Q: Favorite ice cream flavor? A: Peppermint bon-bon, the very best. Q: Favorite lake to go fishing on? A: I don't do a whole lot of fishing. My grandparents have a cabin up north and my wife's family does, too. Really I like just being on the lake and hanging out rather than fishing. Q: Burger or hot dog? And what toppings are the go-to? A: Burger. I won't personally make it, but if I'm at a restaurant, I'll try to get the fried egg and avocado on it—really do the whole nine yards. But typically when I make it it'll just be a plain cheeseburger, a little bit of ketchup, no mustard. 9 2 2 2 2 3 1 1 1

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