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19 F A L L 2 0 1 6 | A D R E N A L I N A D R E N A L I N M A G . C A Angela: How is MLSE leveraging data and analytics to improve fan engagement? Jonathan Carrigan: A big focus for us is data acquisition and building connectivity into every single customer touch point in a way that is relevant and authentic. The more we can understand who our fans are, the better the experiences we are going to be able to deliver to them, and the more meaningful activations we're going to be able to develop with our partners. Traditionally, we had a strategy for each of our channels [social media, email, website, etc.] in isolation. Now, we're doing a lot of journey map analysis, and overlaying that with an understand- ing of what we're trying to do as a business. We're really thinking differently about how we engage our fans from the moment they buy a ticket to the moment they get home after the game. We're focusing on their needs and pain points at various points on the journey so that we're engaging them in the right way, with the right information, through the right channels. It means we will be better positioned to deliver a better and more personal experience—a more contextually relevant experience—and all of this is just going to make us smarter and really open up opportunities that we don't know exist. Touch point mapping and journey mapping are two distinct, but complementary, tools that can be used to better understand the fan experience. Touch point mapping represents all of the specific interactions a fan has with a sport event or organization over a specified period of time. For example, "moments of truth" are touch points that offer an opportunity to create a lasting impression, and pain points are situations that are difficult or frustrating for the fan. Journey mapping focuses more on the fan journey. Diagrams depict the stages that fans go through when interacting with a sport event, and can include everything from ticket purchasing to social media comments. THE NEW FRONTIER: LEVERAGING DATA AND ANALYTICS THE FAN ENGAGEMENT CHALLENGE ADRENALIN's Fan Engagement editorial roundtable discussion was hosted by the Real Sports Bar & Grill in their private dining space, located at Maple Leaf Square, 15 York Street, Toronto. Want to participate in one of our upcoming roundtable discussions? Contact the editor, Angela Kryhul: TOUCH POINT AND JOURNEY MAPPING

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