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2 0 1 6 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R || 27 are in a group environment and have the opportunity to interact with other attendees. 2. Participate in webinars. Webinars are an alternative to attend- ing a seminar, as you can participate in the event right from the comfort of your computer. This is both a blessing and a curse to many attendees as a webinar requires a great deal more discipline than attending a seminar. Since a webinar takes place in front of your computer, you are subject to the interruptions of daily busi- ness. If allowed, you will spend more time away from the webinar rather than in front of it, making it a complete waste of your time. If possible, attend the webinar offsite to prevent interruptions. If that is not possible, take the following steps. Close your office door and place a "do not disturb" sign on it. Turn off your business and cell phones. Close your email program, and use a headset to en- hance concentration. 3. Join a networking group. A net- working group such as a Chamber of Commerce offers much more than a weekly luncheon. It provides the oppor- tunity to hear from other business own- ers and listen to experts in various fields of business. Regular attendance and participation are essential to gain the full benefit of joining the organization. Many people join an organization with the hopes of gaining business but do nothing to par- ticipate. 4. Update/upgrade software. Every business utilizes a variety of different software programs. These programs range from accounting software to em- broidery editing or digitizing software to graphics software. Software is often a ne- glected piece of the puzzle when it comes to business enrichment. The attitude is normally one where the business owner feels their current version of software does all that they need it to do or that the timing is not right from a financial per- spective. The reality is that advancements in technology can help streamline day- to-day functions that pay repeated divi- dends. Every time an investment is made in keeping software current or moving to a more advanced level, an investment is made in the business itself. 5. Enroll in online classes. Once again, technology has advanced to the point where online classes make it possible to enhance knowledge in a convenient method. An online class is different from a seminar or webinar. An online class is designed purely with education in mind. A very popular website that offers a host of online classes is www. For one subscription price, a user can take a huge range of online classes. Online classes are typically not live and allow you to participate according to your schedule and learning capacity. 6. Visit your machine distributor. Take a field trip to your ma- chine distributor and see what's new in the realm of equipment. While machinery can last decades, the technology within it can change at any time. It is always wise to see what's new and evaluate

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