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32 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 6 ERICH'S EMBELLISHMENTS Above: Part and parcel of most every dad hat is the simple fabric strap and buckle closure. Utilitarian, comfortable, and quick to blend in, this is no snapback, fitted, or stretch-to-fit cap. Below: There's nothing wrong with a little confidence when it comes to the phrases on dad hats. The understated shape and decoration lends itself to quotes clearly meant to grab more attention than the hat on which they reside. vorite vendor, and the simplicity and sparsity of the decoration mean that machine time and material costs are minimal. With a high perceived value and a production-friendly process, these hats have very little down-side. For those that can reliably stitch a hat, this trend requires no testing or research to create. If we simply market to the trend, take the time to create sales samples, and actively promote these comfortable caps to our customers, we can easily turn this anti-style into a driver for profit and successful promotions. WHO'S BUYING DAD HATS? It's obvious that streetwear and urban markets are a natural fit, but retail vendors in all segments seem to be dipping their toes in this "fashion-not-fashion" pool, from surf and skate brands to novelty shops, to established retail brands like Calvin Klein. However, it's You might mistake this for the latest dad hat, but this hat was about 20 years ahead of its time. A commercial uniform piece from a local chain of juice shops has all the earmarks of the trend, showing just how much nostalgia can be a part of the style. Above left: Our shop is all about embroidery and anyone who knows us, knows how much we work for every one of our clients. That's why the combination of our Origami Duck logo and the phrase "everyone gets stitches" is on-trend with dad hats. If you know our shop, you know what we mean, and if you know memes, you know the other references we're riffing on. Above right: Many dad hats have miniscule decorations, particularly those featuring national flags. This tiny decoration is only 1" wide, but for those who know the gold and red of the New Mexi- co state flag, there's nothing more that needs to be said.

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