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2 0 1 6 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R || 39 birthday, or their favorite band, etc. The allure of this is obvious, as people are busy, and it's quite easy to pick something near and dear for memory purposes. Those are also typical details that any clever hacker can investigate through social media or other records in order to solve the riddle and gain access to private accounts. This election season has displayed a dramatic example of how a password without enough attention to detail can implode a private online account. One of the two major parties had their national committee email account hacked and fed to WikiLeaks, who then made the contents public. Upon research, it was discovered that the break-in was plainly straightforward. The committee had used their Twitter handle to double as the email password. That's it. No fancy software, no cyber-geek, technical Black Ops, supervillain hired to do the job. This is a lesson to all regarding due diligence in online security. To create a more secure password, con- sider adding special characters and a little mayhem. For example, if your password choice were PrintwearMag2016, it would be much more difficult to decipher if it were changed to !?Printwear.!.Mag-2016?! The way I apply these unique pass- words without getting locked out of my accounts is by creating a password file. This is a plain text file I have made using Notepad, and I record all of my passwords within that file. I then archive the file with WinRAR and password-protect it with something simple that I can remember. The file is stored directly on my machine, so it is unavailable to online hackers, and I can also carry it with me on a thumb drive should I find the need to refer to it elsewhere. It's best to avoid any and all "save pass- word" features and prompts on a browser. It does make for a speedy experience when logging into various accounts, but it also stores your passwords in a space that's con- nected to the Internet, a veritable free-for- all if the website is, or becomes, vulner- able. Allowing websites to retain personal login details also leads to forgetting your passwords, and if that data were to be lost during a browser update or a computer crash, recovering and restoring all of that information would be a complete headache and productivity nightmare. Finally, be aware when logging into accounts using a mobile device that is connected to an open WiFi source. Should a hacker gain deep access to the WiFi network, they could be sitting nearby in the same coffee shop, sipping on a latte, and collecting your personal database without your knowledge. The internet is a wonderful place that has increased the quality of life for so many in so many ways. It's supposed to be fun, infor- mative, educational, and engaging, but it's also a space that can be entered by anyone, from anywhere. Use precaution and spare no se- curity detail when putting your hard work and private life out there. There are still more benefits than bad apples online, so stay keen on the details you can control and have fun.

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