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2 0 1 6 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R || 41 T here is more to decorating headwear than just embroidering de- signs onto the front of a six-panel cap. With almost too many dif- ferent styles to list, there are hundreds of combinations you can use in your shop to show off your decorating chops. WEARING TWO HATS There is a wide variety of headwear styles you can decorate that will suit prac- tically every client's needs. Some of these span from up-and-coming styles to classic fits, but all have the ability to be decorated in multiple ways. It starts with the classic five- and six-panel caps, which have been popular for decades. When you think about it, it's easy to see why they're so popular with both end us- ers and decorators—these styles are sturdy, don't stretch, and have features that complement most decorators' needs. The caps can be struc- tured or unstructured; have curved or flat vi- sors; and have a low, mid-, or high profile. The variations don't end there, either. Some subcategories of five- and six-panel caps have aban- doned their classic vibe for the trendy. For example, Tina Liu, Otto Cap, says that dad caps, which are commonly garment-dyed, unstructured six-panel caps with low profiles, have been a popular choice. Alternative features, colors, and patterns are another way to stand out in a market saturated with caps. Gary Mosley, Kati Sportcap & Bag, suggests alternative ac- cents and patterns, including mesh-back caps, cam- ouflage patterns, and neon-accented caps. Some styles are better suited to seasonal market- ing, but they can still draw in huge profits. Mosley explains that beanies typically sell better as it gets colder outside. The same could also be said of headbands and ear warmers, both of which are designed to keep out the cold and are often made of fleece or another heavy fabric. Conversely, visors, bucket hats, and other pieces with wide brims are ideal throughout the summer months and in southerly spots, since they're functional, shield the wearer's eyes from the sun, and present even more sell- ing opportunities. A Head Above the Rest Options for Decorating Headwear B Y S A N D R A S E P A N I A K Hat presses and platens are vital pieces of equipment for decorating head- wear. (Image courtesy Transfer Express)

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