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64 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 6 HEAT TRANSFERS AND SUBLIMATION How can I help make my transfer last longer? Prepress and lint roll your garments and fabric items be- fore pressing. You've already taken the time to get the right apparel, transfer, and artwork into place; use a few extra seconds to assure your transfer will adhere directly to the fabric for better washability and life. SARAH YOUNG, COASTAL BUSINESS SUPPLIES What is the best way to apply foil to a digitally heat-pressed garment? There are two ways to do this. For one, cut a piece of the foil and place it on top of the design. This will add a smooth, shiny finish. The second option is to add extra texture to the design by crinkling the foil, flattening it, and placing it on top of the design. Next, place parchment paper on top of the foil and press it for 25 seconds at 330 degrees F. Remove the parchment paper and let the T-shirt cool. Cold-peel the foil off the shirt. You'll notice that the foil will only stick to the toner on the shirt. Add parchment on top of the design and press it one more time for 10 sec- onds to ensure a foil bond. GREG MARKUS, RHINOTECH When laying out precut letters and numbers, what aids are available to get them positioned properly? Any tips on how to maximize efficiency when doing this time- consuming task? There are lettering guides specifically produced for precut letters that make it easy to properly align straight, arched, or circle text. They are repositionable, so you can affix them to a nearby tabletop in your heat press work area that will make the transition to heat press a cinch. High-tack masking strips can be used to secure the text in position for heat application. Once the lettering is properly arranged, carefully place a piece of the tape across the entire word. Then you can pick it up as one piece to move it to the heat press. Do not dispose of these strips after one application; they can be used up to seven times per strip. When working with small letters or numbers in hard-to-apply areas, you can use thermal tape to hold them in place during application. This product can be used with a heat press and removed after the appli- cation; create a pull tab at the end of the tape for making tape removal easier. There are also laser alignment systems that ensure consistent place- ment and accurate positioning. Position each of four la- sers to create a line or a box, and place your letters in the same place every time. PAUL SABATINI, STAHLS' Thermal tape, lettering guides, and other methods are available to help properly position numbers and letters for team uniforms. (Image cour- tesy STAHLS') Specialty materials create visual interest and allow you to charge more. (Image courtesy Imprintables Warehouse)

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