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Danish Maritime Days 2016

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uncertaintyfacingworldmarkets.Thestrengthening oftheyeninrecentweekshasbroughthowlsof frustrationfromJapan'sexporters,althoughthe centralbankhaslittleroomformanoeuvre.IsJapan righttofocusontheUK,oristhereadeeperground- swellofopinionthatcanbeexpectedtosweepaway tradepoliciesthattargetedeconomicgrowth? ↘ The vexed issue of globalisation has come up in a white paper I have written for IHS Maritime & Trade, specifically how governments should react to the backlash against global trade and how this will affect shipping. ItcomesastheBankofJapancitesBritain'sdecision toleavetheEuropeanUnionasthegreatestsourceof Getting the best from technology 'Commercial shipping is not as frustratingly slow as it might appear' ↘ Many tech companies claim to be ahead of the game, challenging the boundaries. In reality, few are achieving more than adding superlatives to their marketing campaign. There's a very simple reason for this: technology alone won't cut it for the commercial shipping industry. The most critical aspect to realising the maximum potential from any technical solution for the maritime world is engaging the people who will work with it. Until holistic solutions are implemented, the shipping industry will continue to show sub-optimal returns for its investment. It's a message that needs to be heard by all tech companies trying to cross over from the early adopting aviation, aerospace, defence, automotive, and security sectors to the – in comparison rather ponderous – world of merchant shipping. Moreover it's a message to which the shipping community must respond. In a freight market severely weakened by a slowing global economy, falling oil prices, and an oversupply of ships, technical solutions have been seen as the obvious answer. Humans are the source of most errors. They are less efficient than modern equipment; they become tired, stressed, and disengaged when made to do repetitive tasks in a threatening environment. Therefore, the argument goes, dispense with the human element and invest in the shiny new technology of automation. The age of maritime autonomy brings with it a host of 6 | October 2016 | Fairplay.IHS.com Welcome to the age of deglobalisation FAIRPLAY Industry insight

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