Danish Maritime Days 2016

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What Millennials are teaching the Boomers byawork-lifebalancethanbycareerstatus,theylook forflexibilityandaremoreopportunisticandless loyal.OnesouthernCalifornianrevealedatTPM (Trans-PacificMaritime)2016,"I'ma surferfirst,andamanagersecond." The second group, long known as Baby Boomers, were born between 1946 and 1964. They self-identify by their position within the business; they admit to working long hours and in a fairly rigid business week; they manage rather than mentor, and feel the burden of expectation on their shoulders. Boomers are unhappy that juniors' requirement for flexibility and adaptability are being met, and are concerned that the future of the company rests with people who lack the same ↘ Human resource managers have long been worried about how to keep their best people. Engineering businesses seem to have no idea how to attract school leavers to their discipline. Shipping companies are fed up when they watch talented high-achievers walk away for just a few dollars more. Understandingwhytheworldof workischanging,andwhattodo aboutit,isthefocusofmany seminars,conferences,and boardroomdiscussions. Onewayintothisistoidentify thetwogroupsinvolvedandto pickouttheircharacteristics.Thefirst,Millennials, areusuallyregardedaspeoplebornbetweenabout 1982and2004.Theyself-identifyasmoreinfluenced 'There's no reason why the silver surfers of the Boomer generation shouldn't be at the forefront of change' Shutterstock 10 | October 2016 | Fairplay.IHS.com FAIRPLAY Industry insight

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