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H umans are 60 percent water. Therefore, without a constant source of it to replenish our bodies, your core temperature rises and you become dehydrated, or worse yet, the situation becomes fatal. That's why it is critical to be fully hydrated, especially when desert racing, where ambient temperatures can reach triple digits for hours on end. Imagine the heat generated inside a padded fire suit, helmet, and a closed race car, and you'll begin to see why the world's best racers— from Formula-1 to NASCAR — educate themselves on being constantly hydrated. Ideally, the body core temperature of a healthy adult should be around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37° C). Any variance from that temperature should be of immediate concern. After all, you can't win a race if you are lying on a stretcher headed to the emergency room. The good news, however, is that managing your core body temperature is easier than you think. DEHYDRATION: MYTHS, FACTS, ANSWERS MANAGING YOUR BODY CORE TEMPERATURE BY STEPHEN ROMERO SCORE INTERNATIONAL AND THE STAND 21 SAFETY FOUNDATION PRESENTED A GREAT CLINIC ON SAFETY RECENTLY, AND ONE OF THE TOPICS ADDRESSED HEAT STRESS. THESE CLINICS WILL BE HELD PERIODICALLY THROUGHOUT THE SEASON, AND ANNOUNCED ONLINE. 054 SCORE JOURNAL STEPHEN ROMERO

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