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46 /NOVEMBER.DECEMBER.2016 RINKMAGAZINE.COM We do a lot of different events in our arena each year and we've noticed that maintaining ice quality is more of an issue during our figure skating events than our hockey games—any ideas to help us provide good ice for both sports? We've answered this question a lot in these RINK pages. But in case you've missed it, here is our take once again. Control over building temperature and humidity is critical to creating and maintaining a good ice surface. While we realize that all buildings are going to be a bit different, there are several other factors that are involved with maintaining a quality sheet of ice like water quality and operator competency, these are some environmental things to shoot for. Figure Skating • Optimal ice surface temperature: 24-26ºF. • Optimal ambient temperature: 55-60ºF with Relative Humidity (RH) below 50%. • If your building runs a little warmer (over 60ºF), your RH needs to be 40% or below. Hockey • Optimal ice surface temperature: 22-24ºF. • Ambient temperature and RH are going to be the same as figure skating. Keep in mind that the more spectators you have in the stands, the greater the likelihood that your air temperature and humidity levels will rise, particularly during events where the crowd is more active. Send your rink questions to: INFO@STARRINKS.COM A: Q: I have an operator that continues to stand up on the machine while resurfacing the ice, despite my objections. What's the best way to help him stop doing this? This is a training issue, plain and simple. If you are the supervisor and have specifically told him to stay seated (it's a safety issue), and he refuses to comply, he should not be operating the ice resurfacer. This is a bad habit that any skilled operator will frown upon. Our ice resurface gates are misaligned to the point the puck hits them and changes direction and the operators are having a hard time closing them. We are located a long way from any board manufacturers so how can we fix this quickly? This type of job can be handled easily by a local portable welder in your area. These professionals know how to work metal and can fix most board problems quickly. They will also be able to help you decide if you need to replace some of the components on your boards from the manufacturer. If your problem is caused by your boards being pushed up and out by ice underneath then there is a larger issue. Pick a day when you can shut down and melt out the ice under the boards. Once you have done this, you will be able to realign them. If you still have issues then it would be advisable to call a portable welder or the board and glass manufacturer to repair them. J Q: A: Q: A: WHILE WE REALIZE THAT ALL BUILDINGS ARE GOING TO BE A BIT DIFFERENT, THERE ARE SEVERAL OTHER FACTORS THAT ARE INVOLVED WITH MAINTAINING A QUALITY SHEET OF ICE LIKE WATER QUALITY AND OPERATOR COMPETENCY, THESE ARE SOME ENVIRONMENTAL THINGS TO SHOOT FOR. ASK STAR You have rink questions, STAR has rink answers , Ice resurfacer operators should be seated at all times while resurfacing the ice.

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