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December '16

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14 • A&E DECEMBER 2016 by Stephen L. Capper, CRM PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE She made me think that perhaps I could be of service to many by starting at square one and outlining the way a small busi- ness could be constructed. You might vary a little from this outline, but perhaps it will be of service to many of you. Keep in mind that there may be many different local and regional rules, laws and restrictions, so it is always recommended you search out the proper way to fulfill your obligations to the local laws in your home area. We are entering a new sequence in our continuing series of "Is Your Business Tool Box Full?" This is one of the most impor- tant segments in building our business and organizing it for a better likelihood of success. Of course we all judge success in different ways. For some, success is mea- sured in their profit margins, for others it is the excitement of realizing a dream come true and being in business for our- selves—but all of us know that our clients and suppliers are our partners in success. For others, it is a journey and our business is but a part of it. For me, it has been my life and now my family has fallen in love with the same dream and they are continuing the journey that started nearly 60 years ago. There are many different attitudes on making your business, but there are several decisions that will help you maximize your oppor- tunity. During these next segments, you will identify with what you can relate to in setting your business on a course for organizing it to accomplish your success as you want it. It all starts with the first step, which I assume you have all made: go into business! I realize that this first section may be duplicated for those of you who have attended our seminars in the past or read some of these articles. I have covered some of this before, but not in this depth. E arlier this year, I had a lady and her husband come up to me and say, "Are you Mr. Capper?" I said, "Yes, I am." She began to tell me her story about just starting in the awards business and how she was enjoying reading the series, "Is Your Business Tool Box Full?" Then came the "BUT"—she said, Mr. Capper, I wish there was a chrono- logical order that you could follow with the setting up a small business from the beginning. IS YOUR BUSINESS TOOL BOX FULL? PART LXV Concepts of Building Your Business for Success Section A

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