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December '16

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18 • A&E DECEMBER 2016 by Richard Korbyl LASER ENGRAVING APPLICATIONS TIMELY COVER-UP A client brought in some corporate watches that had been originally engraved at the factory. These watches were used to commemorate the completion of a large corporate project. The client had high hopes that 20 extra watches from this project could live another life. Essentially, the client was really hoping that we could remove the existing laser marked text. I have said this in the past but it is worthy of repeating again. The good (and bad) thing about engraving is that it is permanent. Let's face it, once you engrave I n coffee shops across the nation, you are likely to hear some sort of discussion regarding sports, entertainment and weather. But likely the most passionate and energized topics will revolve around politics. And no political discussion is complete without throwing around the term "cover-up." Usually this term is associated with some sort of a negative connotation, but for this particular laser marking project, a cover-up is not necessarily an unfavorable thing. The Big Cover-Up USING A LASER TO COVER-UP AN ENGRAVING ALL IMAGES COURTESY RICHARD KORBYL As laser engravers, we are often asked to add graphics to items and not remove them.

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